Culture of Safety

Our expertise in industrial siding and roofing comes with a risk – working around other trades, at heights, and around moving machinery can lead to increased safety concerns. That’s why safety is the number one priority for our workers and those around our work. 

Our safety procedures include ongoing safety training, daily equipment checks and a strict drug and alcohol program. The recently added onsite training facility allows hands on training of equipment and safety tools. We are proud of our 0.67 EMR and more than 20 years without a lost time accident.


And counting – without a lost time accident

0.67 EMR

Our current safety rating (3-year average)


Average tenure of our Superintendents = Experienced in our Safety Culture

csm industrial on site safety training facility
On Site Training Facility

Hands on training of our safety equipment

csm industrial employee following safety precautions on a project

Our safety rating (3-year average) is 0.67 EMR

men with hard hats and other safety equipment working on industrial project
Excellent Safety Record

More than 20 years without a lost time accident

csm industrial employees receiving ongoing safety training
Ongoing Safety Training

We make sure our crews are fully trained for the tasks they will be working

Your Safe Bet

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