Extreme Heights


NASA needed to replace the metal siding on its Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) after hurricane damage. The VAB, 525 feet tall and 518 feet wide, is the 6th largest building in the world by volume. NASA needed a contractor with the experience in working at extreme heights and the capability to deliver on this massive project.


525 FT

Tall structure

435,000 SF

of custom fabricated aluminum panels


Largest Building by volume in the world


project duration engaging 30+ personnel

The outcome

NASA turned to CSM because of our extreme heights experience, as well as our capability to deliver on large scale siding projects. To access the 525’-high structure, we utilized mast climber scaffolding which allowed us to safely reach the full height of the building. During the 3 year project, we engaged over 30 personnel. The job at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida was completed on time and budget.

Other Case Studies

csm industrial explosion relief panels at the virginia city power plant

Explosion Relief

At a power plant in Virginia, the design called for an area of explosion relief panels due to the possibility of the stored coal combustion.
csm industrial project chennault hangar roof

Built to Last

Every year, storms endanger industrial structures. Old, poorly constructed buildings and those built to the minimum code requirements often don’t stand a chance.
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