CSM Industrial: your safe bet for metal roofing & siding

The reason our clients breathe easy: We know metal roofing & siding. And we understand the critical role of a contractor: to finish the job safely, on time and budget. What makes us the safest choice? Six decades of keeping our commitment: quality work + no surprise change orders. Our complex, large-scale industrial projects. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, our experienced crews tackle jobs across the USA.

Featured Work


On Site Training Facility

Our crews receive ongoing, hands-on safety training


Our safety rating (3-year average) is 0.69 EMR

Solid Safety Record

Over 19 years without a lost time accident.

Case Studies

csm industrial project at southwestern airlines

Uninterrupted Operations

Southwest Airlines needed a new roof on a hangar used for daily airplane maintenance. We needed a solution that would not disrupt the operations.

Uninterrupted Operations Read More

remote location project at springerville power plant

Remote Location

A 2-year power plant project was set 30 miles away from the nearest lodging. We had to think creatively to provide housing for our 20-men crew.

Remote Location Read More

csm industrial explosion relief panels at the virginia city power plant

Explosion Relief

At a power plant in Virginia, the design called for an area of explosion relief panels due to the possibility of the stored coal combustion.

Explosion Relief Read More

Solid Reputation

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